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The Ironstone range is perfect for those looking for a hard wearing planter that is also classically styled. These pots are made from salt glazed clay and fired to temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees centigrade. They are given a weather beaten finish that combines interestingly with a range of designs, some modern, resulting in a striking and unique collection. Please allow a 20% margin of difference and that these planters can be very heavy.

ISTO27 270Ø x 250mm               ISTO37 370Ø x 320mm 

ISTO47 470Ø x 400mm               ISTO55 550Ø x 470mm

ISTO70 700Ø x 530mm               ISTO82 820Ø x 670mm

ISTO98 980Ø x 800mm         

Check out the rest of our Ironstone collection here!

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